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Why should I join another social media site?
Ever scour the web for something only to be left frustrated by conflicting comments, questionable sources and wasted time?
Say goodbye to all of that and hello to iplaud.
We make it easy to ask anyone you want, anything you want as long as you want answers (plaudits) and not a bunch of comments.
plaudits are 100% goodness because they're all the various things* members love, not just like.
100% goodness also means no negativity, no ads, no noise. We're a commercial free friend-to-friend, member-to-member, consumer-to-consumer community.
We're a little bit social, but we don't take it too far. iplaud doesn't have public comments (they tend to invite trolls). Instead, you chat about plaudits directly, and privately, with friends.
We worked hard to add legitimacy to everything you find on iplaud by showing you how you're connected to the members behind each plaudit.
Don't trust what you read on the web? We've got you covered! You can easily just check out what your friends (and their friends) love.
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What's a plaudit?
Anything and everything* under the sun... The only restriction is that you really, really, really like it.
How do I add a plaudit?
Sign up and tap the icon to add a plaudit.
Why should I invite my friends?
Ever play 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon? If not, no worries - it's simple. The more friends you have, the easier it is to see how you're related to others on iplaud. This will help you make important decisions on things like what movie to go see or which electric car to buy. That, and iplaud rocks :)
How do I find things?
Finding things on iplaud is just like on the web with a couple extra features, like finding things near you or only searching things added by people you know.
Don't you just love the name, iplaud?
(sounds a lot like applaud! :)
It's derived from plaud, which is of Latin origin meaning to praise, to applaud.
Other cool stuff...
Tired of trying to remember where you saved that great dessert recipe everyone raved about, the name of that best seller your friend recommended or the dermatologist that made your older sister look like your younger sister? We're your solution… just tap to organize all your favorite things in one place or by category.
If photography, rock climbing or food and wine are your thing, post plaudits on what you consider the BEST, and become a recognized iplaud maven.
Our 30-second video!
* We have plaudits on virtually everything... toys, entertainment, blogs, fashion, recipes, cool apps, books, art, latest gadgets, doctors, vacation spots, parks, restaurants and much more.