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Sick of guessing based on $'s and conflicting opinions of strangers?
Sign up to find out what people love (not just like) and how you're connected to them, or not.
iplaud... recommendations with a social edge.
Sick of trying to make decisions based on love it/hate it reviews by people you don't know?
You wouldn't take candy from strangers...
so why take their recommendations?
iplaud is different because...
  • we make decisions easier by showing exactly how you're connected to others (and when you aren't)
  • members can only post plaudits, things they love (not just like)
  • you can ask your friends for plaudits and not just for restaurants and hotels
  • there are no public comments, (they tend to invite trolls) but...
    • we let you chat with your friends about plaudits so you can collaborate on anything without the nonsense, snark and negativity.
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